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What is is a buying and selling platform that allows anyone to sell almost anything to anyone locally, nationally or even internationally. 

It is a fun and easy to use marketplace that is transparent when it comes to fees (or lack off), how to sell and much more. The site isn't cluttered with hundreds of links, or adverts (Even though there are some) or anything else. 

Its a straight forward way to list an item to sell to someone else. 

The site is global. Meaning from day one your able to sell your items (if you wish) to anyone around the world and anyone from around the world is able to join and list also. There are no borders with! 

Our fees are very quite simple : 

5% Commission on anything sold - This will never increase!

£2.50 To have your listing featured on the homepage

£1.00 To have your listing featured on the category main page i.e. (Toys, etc) 

No other fees will ever be brought in from


Plus until April 2020 - You get a Free Storefront  - Normally £10.00 per month :

Unlimited Listings

Add your logo

Add a description

Add in Delivery Details, Policies etc

Add in Custom Categories to suit your business / items

Bulk Lister option for listings

You get a Unique URL i.e. - To promote on social media, flyers, etc. 

*All store holders will be emailed beginning of March 2020 to ask if you will be continuing with your store and if so to arrange payment. If declined, your store will close, but your listings will go into the main marketplace.