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So why Join and List your items to sell?

Its Free to Join

Its Free to List Unlimited Listings (Buy Now / Auction)

Secure server (https://) - Everything is locked away!

Commission on sales is set at 5% (will never increase)

0% Commission Selling Days / Periods (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Random etc) - Ideal times to boost promotion on social media / email lists etc as any sales through will be 100% 0% Commission. 

Add 15 Images per listing at 2Mb Each

Seller must add at least one image

No images watermarked - Seller Owns images not

Add a 200 Characters Title

Add Unlimited Worded Description 

Add Unlimited Worded Sub-Description

Login / Sign up via Facebook or Quick Sign up form

UK Based

UK Based Customer Service

Add Listing to one main category + additional category for Free

Add 1 media file to your listing or embed code (i.e. YouTube)

Want to sell an eBook, you can with us! (Formats accepted are : .doc, .xls, .txt, .zip, .tar, .gz and .pdf, .apk, .midi, .mp3, .mp4 - More formats coming soon)

Add Buy Out price if not an Auction

Choose to Accept Offers

Choose Start / End Time on the listing

Set Duration of the listing from 1 day to Unlimited

Make your Listing Featured on the home page : £2.50 per listing

Make your Listing Featured on the category page : £1.00 per listing

Highlight your Listing within the Category - Free

Enable Auto Relist (Option to Relist till sold, Number of Relists (max 99 times), Auto Relist even if sold)  

Delivery Options : No Pick Ups, Buyer can pick up, Buyer Must Pick Up

Set postage per listing

Set template within Members Area for postage etc - To save time re-entering the same information over again

Set insurance (optional)

Set shipping instructions (optional)

Accept Returns / Set Policy

Payment Methods - PayPal - What else! (Other options coming soon)

List Similar Option - shown after listing is made visible on site, ideal if listing item that are similar to save time - edit the parts you need to change

Bulk Listing option - Easy to use, but happy to assist and load on to your account in draft for your to edit etc. Let us know if you need help. 

Add in your own social media links via your dashboard (My Account > Social Media)

We are active on Social Media daily (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

9 Languages to choose from (English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian - more Languages coming soon!)

34 Currencies to choose from - If yours isn't listed tell us and we'll list it within 24 hours!

Fully mobile compliant

Not just UK, but a global site, meaning global sellers and global buyers!

Option to become one of 5 featured stores on the home page - chargeable pcm - Coming Soon!

Sellers must become verified before selling

Buyers must become verified before buying

Quick Listing Process - 2 Steps (Set up Listing - Preview/List Item - Here you get the option to list similar item)

Social Media Listing Sharing

Email Listing to a Friend

Listings Automatically approved - All Listings are checked regardless

Sellers Phone Number NOT Shown on Listings

Sell local, national or international - its your choice!


Free Store until 1st April 2020 - Then just £10 per month (Bank Transfer only)

Unlimited Listings

Store : Logo, Description, Location, Member Since, About Us page, Shipping Information and Company Policies

Custom Categories

Sell Listings and Set up Auctions within your store

Custom URL : 

All your listings in one place - just promote your store URL! 

Store Owner will be emailed at the beginning of March to find out if they will be continuing with the store and to arrange first payment (on / before 1st April of £10.00 and same date each month). If chosen not to have a store, store will close and listings will go on to the main marketplace.


Why not add your .mp3 files of your music, whether it be a single track or an entire album to The commission is still the same, 5% and it gives you an extra platform to sell your music on.

Or if your into spoken word books, courses etc - do the same, add your .mp3 files to and sell away!!


That's right, if your currently a self published author of thinking about it, and you've already considered Amazon etc - which is great of course, but why not add your eBook to also - at 5% Commission and the chance to reach new readers - why not give it a chance?

So if your writing the romcom novel, or that "How to" Guide or anything else, make your you get a .PDF version listed on - and remember, we're a global site, not just in the UK, we have visitors from all over the world!! 


Packed full Members Area 

Members Area includes : 

Messages - Inbox / Sent / Archive Folders

Buying - Purchases / Current Bids / Offers / Buyer Tools > Wish List / Favourite Stores

Selling - Open / Scheduled / Closed / Drafts / My Sales / Offers / Seller Tools > Global Settings / Fees Calculator / Postage Set up / Prefilled Fields / Blocked Users / Seller Vouchers / Bulk Lister

Store - Store Set up / Store Pages / Custom Categories 

Feedback - Received / Leave Feedback 

My Account - Personal Information / Account Settings / Email Notifications / User Verification / Social Media / Account History / Address Book


Android / iOS App - Coming Soon!

Apps will be launched on the Apple Appstore, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Appstore and multiple appstores around the world to boose numbers in all forms. 

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